Friday, November 2, 2012

Saving Tip: Turning Your Cellphone Into An Income Generating Device

By Uniqxue

Financial independence is not certainly out of your reach. But to get started on that road to freedom, a lifestyle change and a lot of discipline is necessary. Two most commonly used words we always hear from financial advisers are "save" and "invest". And to apply this, you need to have the habit of saving by living on 70 percent (or even lesser) of your income as much as possible. But most of us underestimate the power of saving even in small amounts, thinking it is just a few pesos. In fact, you are also turning away from potentially earning millions from this small savings.

Great thing starts from small beginning

To live on 70 percent of your income, we need to cut back on buying some not-so-essential items and to find ways on how to save from our daily needs.

Aside from food, shelter, and clothing, cellphone load has become part of our basic needs nowadays. Come to think of it, a cellphone is an EXPENSE generating device which produces income for the three TELCO giants: Smart, Globe, and Sun. But there are ways in which you can save or get discounts from your loads and even potentially earning a lot. Thus, turning your cellphone from a liability into an asset.

This is possible by signing up as an agent (Technopreneurs/TechnoUsers) of VMOBILE's LoadXtreme universal prepaid loading system. To try the technology, be a TechnoUser (formerly retailer) first so that you can immediately earn discounts and eventually establish a stable foothold in the constantly growing market for prepaid and stored-value products. All you need is to go to a Technopreneur (Dealer) in your area from whom you can acquire the access card that you will need in signing up as a TechnoUser.

There are several good things about this opportunity. LoadXtreme revolutionizes electronic Over-The-Air (OTA) reloading for prepaid wireless services by providing a unified fully automated electronic load value dispensing facility for Smart Buddy e-load, Globe AutoloadMax, and Sun Xpressload. By just using one e-wallet, you can retail all brands of electronic top-up loads using any mobile phone without the need to use different retailer SIMs. This would mean a savings of 10 to 14 percent from more than 300 prepaid products available. This can add up to your monthly savings from little things.

In my case, I shifted to the network which offers the best prepaid offer so far that fits my lifestyle. You can check out my article about this promo here. After a month of trying this, I was able to save almost half of my cellphone load consumption. I also took advantage of this prepaid offer and was able to earn few pesos by using it my prepaid load retailing.

You think it's just a few pesos today, but the fact is you'll be saving a lot of earnings. Just think of this, if you can save a total of P1,000 per month from little things, multiply it by 12 and you will get P12,000. That is equivalent to a net earning of 12 percent a year on a P100,000 savings deposit. But there is no bank out there that will pay you a net 12 percent a year on a savings deposit.

So instead of putting your savings on a savings deposit bank, it is strongly recommended that you invest it into paper assets, properties, and businesses. Your P1,000 can turn out P6M after 35 years if you invest it in an investment vehicle that grows at 12% interest per annum.

Click on the link below to get up-to-date financial guidance and have your abundance now. - Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sun Power Text Unlimited 200: The Best Prepaid Call and Text Offer So Far

Choosing a load that fits my lifestyle, my choice is Sun Cellular’s Power Text Unlimited 200. Working in a government institution requires me to communicate to a lot of clients to the extent that my personal cell phone load is almost consumed. Unfortunately, we do not have load allowances for this. So with Sun's offer you can enjoy 30 days of unlimited Sun texts, 4 hours of Sun calls and 500 texts to other networks.

I have read a lot of negative comments about this promo before but after a month of trying it I did not encountered any problem at all. The good thing is that your remaining texts to other networks and Sun calls will be added to your succeeding subscription as long as you reload before the expiration date.

If you are on a tight budget, this is the best choice so far. Sulit at tipid ang 200 pesos mo. This is 150 pesos lower than the lowest postpaid monthly subscription available. And it has the advantage of longer validity compared to loading smaller denominations.

There are a lot of individual nowadays who have more than one SIM cards. So if your friends/clients are using other networks, you need not to worry about your load because of its 500 texts to other networks. No minimum balance is needed to enjoy all the services offered. And if in case you really need to call other network, you can reload Sun xpressloads with just the right amount you needed.

Head to the nearest Sun Shop or authorized Sun retailer to load your Sun Power Text Unlimited 200. It is also available via call cards and load conversion by texting TU200 to 247.

Image is taken from Check out the latest news from >>Sun Cellular

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simple Techniques in Shooting Jump Shots

Wherever and whatever activity you may have, it is so common and fun taking jump shots nowadays.  The beach can be the perfect place for all genres of photography, just like the not so perfect jump shot sample above. Jump shots look fantastic when you are able to capture your subjects while they are all at the peak of their jump. In order to achieve this, follow the simple steps outlined below.

  1. Set your camera on shutter-priority mode and choose a shutter speed of 200-1000s of a second. If you can’t do this, you can set your ISO to ISO800 or higher for a fast shutter speed.
  2. Use the burst or continuous shot mode feature on your camera. This increases your chances of timing your shots perfectly. In this mode, you get to shoot images in succession with one press of your shutter.
  3. If you want to make the jump appear higher, position yourself as low as possible.
  4. Instruct your subjects to jump altogether at the count of three.
  5. When you’re all set to take that shot, simply push your shutter button halfway to focus on the subject.  and then press it down completely as your subject jumps at the third count.

These tips should be pretty easy for noob such as myself.  Take a look at the jump shots taken by Mr. Echel Darcen during our seminar in Pampanga.  Mr. Darcen is a medical technologist by profession and at the same time a freelance photographer.  You can reach him by visiting this page:

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Beginners Guide on How to Get a Website Name

Ever wanted to start promoting your business on the world wide web? Or wanting to have your own website name? You don't need to be a cyber savvy to start making one.

A website name or domain name is a unique address that represents an Internet location.  And it is more than just an address, it is also your online brand that's something unique and easy to remember. There are dozens of Top-Level Domains to choose from that you can buy or create by yourself and then registering it online.

The companies that register your domain names are called registrars.  Search on Google and select the company of your choice.  For demonstration purpose, let us use in creating and registering your Domain Name.

Your first task is to choose which extension you want (.COM, .NET, .PH).  To have an idea on what extension to use, go to Go Daddy website and hover your cursor over the extensions listed to see their description.

The Top-Level Domain .COM is the most popular domain name extension in the world. It's the natural first choice when you're launching your own online presence, but it's far from the only option. Charities and other non-profits tend to choose .ORG for their domain name registration. While it's not as well known as .COM, .ORG is short for "Organization" and it's developed a reputation for being trustworthy. Other Top-Level Domain extensions are even more specialized, to the point of being off-limits to the average consumer. These include .EDU (reserved for educational institutions), .GOV (government) and .MIL (military).

Another option for those looking to buy domain names is country-code TLDs. Some of these are obvious, such as .US for the United States or .CO.UK for the United Kingdom, while others have found a niche market of their own. .TV is the official domain extension for the island of Tuvalu, but thanks to its memorable abbreviation, it's become popular with video hosting sites across the Web. And of course, there are domain extensions that were created for specific purposes, such as .BIZ for business, .MOBI for mobile and .JOBS for employment information.

Once you have decided on what extension to use, check for the availability of your desired name by typing it on the availability search box.

Just an important note once your desired name was confirmed available, if you are sure about it register immediately because it will be auctioned if you do it on your next visit.  This is based on my personal experience.  Upon returning to Go Daddy to finally register my desired name it is already for auction.

The average cost of the annual fee to a domain registration company for the right to use that name is around $10 (Domain Sale! $7.99 .com at GoDaddy).  Once you have your own registered domain name, you can now start getting a website by choosing a hosting company which are also called web host.

For instruction in choosing a web host, click $1.99 Web Hosting

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Philippines: Are you Ready to Tango?

Do you "Tango" already?  With the rising number of Filipinos who are using smartphones and the availability of free Wi-Fi spots in most places now, it is timely to take advantage of what Tango is offering.  Though it might pose a threat to the big telephone companies in the country, a lot of Filipinos can benefit from this.

Tango is a free mobile video calling service that connects people around the world with family and friends wherever they are. Tango offers high-quality video calling for over 1000 iOS and Android phones and tablets, and works over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

Tango is also starting to look like a Social Network Service.  Aside from video and text messaging, you can also share photos to family and friends.

You don't have to worry now of your phone bills if you need to call someone here or even abroad.  All you need to do is to download the Tango application for free in the App Store and Android Marketplace.

You can also download Tango on your Windows PC or Laptop.  Call your friends who have Tango not just on their computers but also on their phones and tablets.

Just click on the "Download Now for PC, Laptop" and downloading will start automatically.  After the download completes, just follow the three simple steps.

Friends who have downloaded Tango will instantly appear on the app.  Or you can manually search for their mobile number or email and then adding them to your contacts.

Watch the video to learn how to Tango on iOS.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Choosing the Best Mobile Internet Promo for Prepaid Subscribers

Based on a recent report, one out of four Filipinos own a smartphone.  This may be driven by the increasing affordability of smartphone devices across the country and the rising trend in mobile internet use.  Postpaid subscribers usually have the edge in enjoying this trend because of the complete consumable plan for calls, text messaging, and mobile internet.

In the Philippines, there are almost 60 million subscribers of Smart, Globe, and Sun. Among these number more than 90 percent are prepaid.  In this regard, let us dig into the mobile internet promo each telephone company has to offer for prepaid subscribers.

Globe Telecom

Globe have so much to offer depending on your budget. If you prefer combination of calls plus text messaging and mobile internet, Globe offers the SUPERUNLI ALLTEXT 25, UNLI ALL TRIO, and ALL NET.  For pure internet mobile you can try the "POWERSURF".

The best choice if you are in a tight budget is the ALL NET Promo.  You can enjoy
  • unlimited SMS to all networks
  • 10 minutes of calls to all networks
  • 50 minutes of calls to Globe/TM
  • 5MB of consumable Facebook browsing 
  • 1 day for P25
  • 3 days for P70
  • 7 days for P150
  • 30 days for P600
These offers are available until November 30, 2012. Registration is via *143# only.  Just dial *143#  on your Globe Prepaid mobile and it is free of charge.

Learn more about the other offers here. Choose Your Promo -

Sun Cellular

For Sun Cellular, they have the "Sun Unlimited Mix" with two denomination to choose from.

Sun Unlimited Mix 25 (valid for 1 day only)
  • Sun to Sun Unlimited Texts
  • 20 texts to other network
  • 15 minutes of internet surfing
  • 15 minutes of sun to sun call per hour (360 mins/day)
Sun Unlimited Mix 100 (valid for 5 days)
  • Sun to Sun Unlimited Texts
  • 100 texts to other network
  • 75 minutes of internet surfing
  • 15 minutes of sun to sun call per hour (360 mins/day)
Subscribers need only to go to their nearest prepaid cellphone load retailer for this product or have a regular load of the desired denomination of and then text UMIX 25 or UMIX100 to 247.

For pure mobile internet use you can also try "iLoads" to enjoy better rates and unlimited offer.  Learn more about Sun Mobile Internet here.

Smart Prepaid

Among all call, text, and surf prepaid offers of Smart, these are best choice which can match the offer of the 2 company mentioned above:

  • Unlimited SMS to ALL Networks (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe & TM)
  • 60 minutes calls to Smart, Sun, TNT
  • 10 MB Mobile Internet
Promo is available via registration and valid for 1 day only. Simply have at least P25 airtime load, and register to the package by sending ALLIN25 to 2477.  This promo is available until November 15, 2012, subject to extension.  Learn more here.

  • Unlimited SMS to ALL Networks (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe & TM)
  • 180 minutes calls to Smart, Sun, TNT
  • 100 MB Mobile Internet
This promo is for 250 pesos only that lasts for 30 days.  Promo is available via registration only. Simply have at least P250 airtime load, and register to the package by sending MEGA250 to 2477.  This promo is available until October 12, 2012, subject to extension.  Learn more here.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Does the Nokia Asha 309 Fit the Masang-Pinoy?

Considering the Philippines as a third world country with more than 90 percent of its population living in poverty, one will wonder how it can be tagged as the text capital of the world.  This may be due to the close family ties among Pinoys (local term for its residence).  A cultural value that Pinoys pride themselves of.  In this regard, the easiest way to connect with family and even relatives to the farthest degree is through texting.

But for "masang-pinoy", an expensive smart phone is a big no no.  Usually, their budget in buying a new cellular phone is about 5,000 pesos or less.  Besides, it is not advisable to use expensive smart phones in public places because of pickpockets.  As a victim, I now prefer to use a cheap one wherever I go.

More than 95% of Pinoys are prepaid users under several telephone companies available which offers unlimited texts to same networks.  With this in mind, it is now usual to have several SIM cards from different networks to cut texting cost.  That is why the masang-pinoy also prefers cellular phones with dual or multiple SIM feature.

Aside from being affordable, the other thing masang pinoy are looking in a phone is its multimedia feature.  Pinoy loves listening to mp3 music so much that almost all jeepney passengers I see have their ears plugged with headset.

Riding with the trend nowadays and with the spread of free wifi spots, social networking use through mobile phones is also becoming popular among masang-pinoy.  Before, only high end smart phones rule these feature.  But thanks to the rise of affordable cellular phones with wifi capability that are available in the market today.

Having all these in mind, does the Nokia Asha 309 fit the masang-pinoy? It is the latest member of the Nokia Asha Touch smartphone family. Have a glimpse of its look by checking this video, Introducing the Nokia Asha 309.

It brings you the fast cloud-powered Nokia Xpress browser, social networking, pre-loaded Nokia map, and provides you access to thousands of key apps including 40 free EA games. It's ready to entertain with video and music, and the preloaded Internet radio application allows you to stream content via Wifi from thousands of stations 24/7 around the world. It fits into the range right in between the Nokia Asha 305/6 and Asha 311.

See the detailed specification and feature here. Nokia Asha 309 Slick Phone with fast mobile Internet - Nokia