Friday, November 2, 2012

Saving Tip: Turning Your Cellphone Into An Income Generating Device

By Uniqxue

Financial independence is not certainly out of your reach. But to get started on that road to freedom, a lifestyle change and a lot of discipline is necessary. Two most commonly used words we always hear from financial advisers are "save" and "invest". And to apply this, you need to have the habit of saving by living on 70 percent (or even lesser) of your income as much as possible. But most of us underestimate the power of saving even in small amounts, thinking it is just a few pesos. In fact, you are also turning away from potentially earning millions from this small savings.

Great thing starts from small beginning

To live on 70 percent of your income, we need to cut back on buying some not-so-essential items and to find ways on how to save from our daily needs.

Aside from food, shelter, and clothing, cellphone load has become part of our basic needs nowadays. Come to think of it, a cellphone is an EXPENSE generating device which produces income for the three TELCO giants: Smart, Globe, and Sun. But there are ways in which you can save or get discounts from your loads and even potentially earning a lot. Thus, turning your cellphone from a liability into an asset.

This is possible by signing up as an agent (Technopreneurs/TechnoUsers) of VMOBILE's LoadXtreme universal prepaid loading system. To try the technology, be a TechnoUser (formerly retailer) first so that you can immediately earn discounts and eventually establish a stable foothold in the constantly growing market for prepaid and stored-value products. All you need is to go to a Technopreneur (Dealer) in your area from whom you can acquire the access card that you will need in signing up as a TechnoUser.

There are several good things about this opportunity. LoadXtreme revolutionizes electronic Over-The-Air (OTA) reloading for prepaid wireless services by providing a unified fully automated electronic load value dispensing facility for Smart Buddy e-load, Globe AutoloadMax, and Sun Xpressload. By just using one e-wallet, you can retail all brands of electronic top-up loads using any mobile phone without the need to use different retailer SIMs. This would mean a savings of 10 to 14 percent from more than 300 prepaid products available. This can add up to your monthly savings from little things.

In my case, I shifted to the network which offers the best prepaid offer so far that fits my lifestyle. You can check out my article about this promo here. After a month of trying this, I was able to save almost half of my cellphone load consumption. I also took advantage of this prepaid offer and was able to earn few pesos by using it my prepaid load retailing.

You think it's just a few pesos today, but the fact is you'll be saving a lot of earnings. Just think of this, if you can save a total of P1,000 per month from little things, multiply it by 12 and you will get P12,000. That is equivalent to a net earning of 12 percent a year on a P100,000 savings deposit. But there is no bank out there that will pay you a net 12 percent a year on a savings deposit.

So instead of putting your savings on a savings deposit bank, it is strongly recommended that you invest it into paper assets, properties, and businesses. Your P1,000 can turn out P6M after 35 years if you invest it in an investment vehicle that grows at 12% interest per annum.

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